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Getting Started with TV Everywhere

It is easy to start using Watch TV Everywhere. This account is different from your Click! billing account. The first step is registration.

Register for TV Everywhere

Registration video tutorial

  1. Go to
  2. Select Click! Cable TV from the drop down menu and click on Submit.
  3. Click on "Register." You will need two pieces of information to register:
    • Your account number (the last 6 digits, without the dash, ie. 123456)
    • The correct spelling of the last name on the account.
  4. The email address that you enter will be your user name. It must be a valid email address. (some HotMail emails are often disabled so we suggest a different email.)
  5. Provide a password at least 8 characters, including UPPER/lowercase and numbers.
  6. Click on "Register".
  7. Confirm the email address you provided is correct.
  8. Now, check the email address you just provided. You will find an email message with your watchTVEverywhere activation link. Click on the link to complete the registration process.
  9. You are done and can begin to enjoy watchTVEverywhere.

Watch TV Everywhere

There are two ways to watch TV Everywhere:

  1. Visit and log in. You will be presented with a list of networks that are available to you. Click on the network you want to watch. If the network you selected has an app available for your device, you will directed to the app store to either open or download the app. Otherwise, you will be taken to the network's website.
  2. Open a network app - Hallmark Channel, for example - directly on your device. Log in and start watching.

For quick and easy access to all the networks available through WatchTVEverywhere, add the WatchTVeverywhere website to your device's home screen.