Troubleshoot TV Signal or Picture Issues

Before proceeding:

  1. Check and tighten all connectors leading to your TV and cable box
  2. Unplug your cable box then plug it back in

I have no video, a snowy picture or I cannot tune to any of the digital channels

  • For a High-Definition connection, your TV input should be tuned to either HDMI input or Component input with the red, blue and green slide-on connectors (see "Change the input on your TV" below.)
  • Be sure your analog TV is tuned to Channel 3.
  • Check and tighten all connectors leading to your TV and cable box.
  • Check to see if the TV is plugged into a ‘live’ electrical outlet and is not controlled by a wall switch or power strip that may be turned off.

Change the input on your TV

  • Press the TV button on your remote
  • Look for a button with one of the following names, or something similar:
    • Video or Video Input
    • Source or Video Source
    • Component
  • Press this button. Depending on your TV, it may cycle through available inputs or display a menu with a choice of inputs.
  • If it brings up a menu, use the remote control's Arrow Keys to highlight a choice, then the remote's Select or Enter button to choose that input. Another option is to press the button you found twice to move to the next menu item.
    • The inputs often have basic names such as Video 1 and Video 2, names reflecting the type of connection such as HDMI 1 or Component 2, or descriptive names such as Cable Box or DVD. Your TV and TV remote control may also have an Input or Source button.

I have a picture and no sound

  • Turn the volume on the TV to normal listening level.
  • Using your TV’s original remote, check to ensure “SAP” or Secondary Audio Programming has not been engaged.
  • Press MUTE on your remote control to see if the sound was muted.

My remote control doesn’t respond when I press a button

  • Press the CABLE button on the remote to make sure it is in Cable mode. Try using the remote again.
  • Make sure your cable box is on.
  • Make sure you have no obstructions between remote and cable box.
  • Replace batteries and try remote again.

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