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Frequently Asked Questions

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TiVo Tips (PDF)

What are the system requirements for TiVo?

  • 12 Mbps Internet or more with one of our ISPs, Advanced Stream or Rainier Connect
  • A wireless router, preferably connected to the primary TiVo receiver.

Does TiVo provide multi-room DVR features?
TiVo provides the ultimate multi-room DVR experience through the use of TiVo Mini receivers. By adding a TiVo Mini to additional TV sets in your home you will get full DVR control (FF, Pause, RW, Record, play back) and all the amazing TiVo features on every TV.

How many shows can I record at one time?
TiVo service from Click! lets you record up to 6 shows at once. 

How many shows can I save on my TiVo DVR?
TiVo service from Click! allows you to store up to 1,000 hours (up to 150 HD / 1,000 SD) of recording capacity. Note: Actual high-definition recording capacity may vary.

Can I transfer my current DVR recorded shows and recording schedules?
You cannot transfer recorded shows and recording schedules from your DVR to your new TiVo.

What over-the-top services are available on the TiVo Service?
With TiVo Service from Click! you can access Vu-it On Demand, Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, YouTube, Plex, Toon Goggles, Yahoo!, Pandora and iHeartRadio. More integrated apps are coming soon.

How does TiVo help me find my favorite show or movie?
TiVo offers great ways to find your favorite shows and movies. TiVo’s universal search allows you to easily find a show or movie based on title, actor or keyword. TiVo searches across Live TV, Click! ON Demand and over-the-top platforms you may have access to via subscription, such as Netflix, HBO GO and Hulu, to find what you want. If you’re interested in a specific actor or topic, create a WishList® Search. TiVo constantly searches in the background and every time a movie or show airs that matches your criteria, it will be recorded.

How does TiVo provide suggestions and recommendations?
TiVo goes way beyond regular DVR services that only record shows. TiVo will ensure that you always have great TV shows and movies to watch through a combination of three recommendation features.

  1. What to Watch Now provides you with a choice of the best popular shows, movies, sports and kids’ entertainment that is available to watch right now. This will become your first destination when you get home, instead of going to channel guide.
  2. TiVo Suggestions gets to know what you like to watch based on our DVR recordings and your rating of shows. Then TiVo Suggestions will automatically record shows and movies that it thinks you will like so that they are there for you on our TiVo system. TiVo Suggestions will never replace shows you request or prevent them from being recorded and they are always the first programs deleted to make room for recordings you request.
  3. Browse & Discover- In the mood for a comedy, drama or action movie or TV show? Use TiVo’s Browse feature to see what is on in a specific category then select a program to record in the future or watch right now from live TV or on Demand (coming in December!)

Can I set parental controls on the TiVo Service?
We offer a wide range of parental controls to block specific channels or ratings. You can also set a pin to prevent VOD purchases. 

Does TiVo Service work on HD TVs? SD TVs?
TiVo Service from Click! can work on both HD and SD TV sets. TiVo Service looks the best on HD sets, as they have a wider screen, but you get the same features and functionality on SD sets.

What does my Click! TiVo service provide me for streaming options?
Click! TiVo turns your iOS device into your very own portable TV. Enjoy live, in-home streaming and even download your favorite DVR content and take it with you!

  • Everyone gets to watch shows on any TV set or their tablet or smart phone!
  • Stream live or recorded content on up to 5 devices at the same time (includes the TiVo main, TiVo minis and portable devices.)
  • Download your favorite shows from your TiVo main onto your device and take them with you. 

Can I watch TV on my tablet or smart phone?
TiVo Service from Click! provides you with the ability to stream Live TV or Recordings directly to your tablet or smart phone while inside of your home using the Vu-ItTV app.

Where can I get the Vu-It app for my smart phone and tablet?
Download the Vu-it app for iOS at the Apple App Store and for Android at Google Play. Search for "Vu-it.TV,” download to your device and follow the set up instructions. 

Can I go online to manage my scheduling and recording?
Yes, you can use the Vu-it app on your tablet, smartphone or laptop from anywhere to search for shows and schedule recordings away from home.

Can I download any recorded show to play offline?
Yes, you can download recorded shows onto your mobile device. Not all content can be downloaded or transferred due to the copy protection restrictions by content owners. 

What is the difference between a TiVo  purchased in a store and the TiVo from Click!?
The TiVo Main from Click! is similar to the retail TiVo Roamio. The big benefits of the TiVo from Click! are no upfront cost and the TiVo is fully integrated with Click! On Demand, bringing you the latest hit shows and movies. You also have the benefit of technical support with Click!; should your TiVo Main fail to work, we will replace it.