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Welcome to the TiVo Experience

TiVo for $14.99 per month with free installation.* 

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Press the TiVo button on your TiVo remote control to get to the TiVo Central screen, the starting point for all of TiVo’s amazing features. 

Tons of On Demand & Internet Entertainment

The TiVo Whole Home Solution delivers On Demand TV plus streaming video services like Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, YouTube and Pandora to just about anywhere in your home. Stream shows and quickly download them to your mobile device for viewing when you’re away from your home network.

OnePass - A Smarter Way to Enjoy It All

OnePass searches gather every episode of a series available anywhere and adds them right to your My Shows. To create a OnePass, find the show you want, press Record and choose the OnePass option.

My Shows - Your TV In Box

All of your recordings and streamed videos appear on one list. To get to the My Shows list from any menu screen or from live TV, press the TiVo button twice. The My Shows list includes categories that make it easy to find what you want to watch fast.

The Discovery Bar and Suggestions

Part of TiVo's entertainment experience is that it learns what you like to watch based on what you have already watched and recorded.

  • Discovery Bar: appears at the top of the screen and displays ideas for shows you might like.
  • Suggestions: rate any show by pressing the THUMBS UP® or THUMBS DOWN® button on your remote. TiVo Suggestions uses these ratings to create a list of shows you might like.

WishList Searches - Powerful Search Tools

Have a subject, title, actor or director you would like to search for? Set up a WishList search and your TiVo box will search and record it for you. To set up a WishList search, select “Find TV, Movies, and Videos” from the TiVo Central screen, then choose “WishList Search.”

*After 1 year, prices revert to regular rates which can be found online at Prices do not include taxes or other possible fees. Other restrictions may apply.