MultiRoom DVR Tips

Know how mDVR differs from My DVR

You will use the mDVR screen to share your recorded content around your home. At any of your MutliRoom DVR receivers you can see a list of recordings made anywhere in your home. In contrast, the My DVR screen, displayed when you press the My DVR (or List) button on your remote, shows only recordings you have made at the receiver where you currently are, and has the title ‘DVR’ at the top of the list.

Displaying the mDVR screen and playing a recording

Simply press the B button on your remote to display the mDVR screen. The mDVR screen appears on your TV and has the title ‘mDVR’ at the top of the list. This screen lists all the recordings made on the entire system. Use the up or down arrow button to highlight the recording you want, then press OK/Select to watch the recording.

Play and record icons

On the mDVR screen, right arrow indicates titles that are currently being played back and red dot indicates titles being recorded (on the entire system). On the My DVR screen, there is no indication of which titles are currently being recorded or played back.

Schedule a recording

On any TV, simply press the ‘red record’ button on your remote for an instant recording of the channel the receiver is tuned to or display the grid guide and use the ‘red record’ button to schedule a future show for recording.

Watching recordings currently in progress

Using the mDVR screen, you can watch a recording that is in progress at any of the MutiRoom DVR receivers on the network. Using the My DVR screen, you can watch a recording that is currently in progress, but only at the receiver at which you scheduled the recording.

Continue watching a recorded program in another room

Simply ‘Stop’ or ‘Pause’ the playback of the recorded show using the pause button on your remote, move to the other room, find the show on the mDVR screen, and choose ‘Play/Resume’.

Simultaneous playback

At various receivers and TVs in the system in your home, people can use the mDVR screen to watch the same recording at the same time. They can also perform actions such a fast-forward, pause or rewind without affecting other viewers.

Setting Parental Controls on the shared mDVR list

You can set parental controls on each individual receiver using the ‘Menu’ button and then going to ‘Main Menu’ or you can set controls on each recorded show when you select it from the My DVR list.

Organizing my recorded shows

On the mDVR screen, you can sort the recordings by date, by title, by channel, and by the receiver at which the recording was made. The mDVR screen also creates folders for series recordings when they are sorted by title. The type of ‘view’ is shown above the list, where you can also see how full your Multi-Room DVR storage is, in percent. In the bottom corner of the screen you can see how many recordings are stored.

Using folders

If you record a series of shows with the same title, they are shown in your recordings list as a single title with a folder symbol in front of it. Folders are available only on the ‘View by title’ screen. A folder counts as one recording in the number at the bottom of the screen. To ‘open’ a folder to see a list of the individual recordings in it, use the up or down arrow button to highlight the folder you want, then press OK/Select. Then use the up or down button to highlight the specific recording you want. Use the left arrow button to close the folder. If you want to bulk-delete a whole folder of recordings, you can simply highlight the folder you want to delete, then press the C button on your remote control.