May 22, 2018

CTC Consulting presents initial RFI/Q findings to the Tacoma Public Utility Board and Tacoma City Council.

RFI/Q responses memo

Advanced Stream RFI/Q response

Rainier Connect RFI/Q response

Wave RFI/Q response

Wyyerd RFI/Q response, Wyyerd RFI/Q Appendix A

Yomura RFI/Q response

March 23, 2018

The City of Tacoma issued a Request for Information/Qualifications (RFI/Q) to solicit input from qualified entities interested in developing a collaborative partnership arrangement for Click! Network. 

The RFI/Q reflects 12 policy goals developed by the Tacoma Public Utility Board and Tacoma City Council: 
  1. Continuing public ownership of the telecommunications assets, especially those assets necessary for Tacoma Power operations;
  2. Ensuring geographically, economically, and technologically equitable access; 
  3. Creating low-income affordable access to telecommunication services;
  4. Enforcing net neutrality principles for all customers;
  5. Allowing open access to telecommunication assets by other telecommunication providers, to the extent such access benefits customers;
  6. Preserving competition among telecommunication providers that benefits customers (such as high-quality, technologically up-to-date, and reasonably priced telecommunication services), including restricting transfer of ownership or operations that reduce competition;
  7. Safeguarding the use of telecommunications services by Tacoma Power, the City, and other local governments;
  8. Maintaining financial stability of the telecommunications business operations utilizing the Click! assets;
  9. Promoting economic development and educational opportunities;
  10. Providing job options and security for Click! staff and protecting the intellectual capital of the system;
  11. Protecting customer privacy;
  12. Preserving Click!’s goodwill, including via its market-leading customer service for telecommunications customers
The RFI/Q asks respondents to address how they would meet these policy goals while expanding the existing customer base, upgrading the network as required, and providing operational support. 
Responses to the RFI/Q must be received no later than April 27, 2018.