Showtime and The Movie Channel Enjoy a whole year of the best movies, sports and original series for just $8.95/mo. Get 11 channels and stream on your favorite devices with Showtime Anytime.
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100/10 Mbps Speed Range
  • Video conferencing with multiple devices
  • Remote supercomputing
  • Real-time data collection
  • Supports household of 4 - 5 people
Starting at: $75.99/mo Pricing Details
20/5 Mbps Speed Range
  • High definition video calls
  • Online gaming with multiple devices
  • Supports household of 2 - 3 people
Starting at: $45.99/mo Pricing Details
12/2 Mbps Speed Range
  • Stream video on demand on up to 2 devices
  • Online gaming
  • Supports household of 1 - 2 people
Starting at: $32.99/mo Pricing Details
55/8 Mbps Speed Range
  • Video surveillance or "smart" home technology
  • Stream movies and use online applications at the same time
  • Supports household of 3 - 4 people
Starting at: $89.95/mo Pricing Details