Channel Guide

Channel Number Channel Name 54+ Channels 175+ Channels 334+ Channels
1 Click!1 No Yes Yes
3 KBTC Yes Yes Yes
4 KOMO Yes Yes Yes
5 KING Yes Yes Yes
6 KONG Yes Yes Yes
7 KIRO Yes Yes Yes
8 ION Yes Yes Yes
9 KCTS Yes Yes Yes
10 KZJO JOEtv Yes Yes Yes
11 KSTW Yes Yes Yes
12 TV Tacoma Yes Yes Yes
13 KCPQ Yes Yes Yes
14 Quality Value Convenience Network Yes Yes Yes
15 KTBW Yes Yes Yes
16 KWDKDT Daystar Television Yes Yes Yes
17 Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network Yes Yes Yes
18 TV Washington Yes Yes Yes
19 KUNS Univision 51 Yes Yes Yes
20 KFFV TV Yes Yes Yes
21 Government Access Yes Yes Yes
22 Pierce County TV Ch 22 Yes Yes Yes
23 KFFV Azteca America 44 Yes Yes Yes
24 KFFV AAT Television Yes Yes Yes
25 Tacoma Public Schools Yes Yes Yes
26 Educational Programming Yes Yes Yes
28 The Weather Channel No Yes Yes
29 The Discovery Channel (West) No Yes Yes
30 Hallmark Channel (West) No Yes Yes
31 The Learning Channel (West) No Yes Yes
32 TBS Superstation (West) No Yes Yes
34 Home Shopping Network No Yes Yes
35 ESPN No Yes Yes
36 ESPN2 No Yes Yes
37 Root Sports Northwest (Seattle) No Yes Yes
38 Fox Sports 1 No Yes Yes
39 Spike TV (West) No Yes Yes
40 NBC Sports Network No Yes Yes
41 The Golf Channel No Yes Yes
42 USA Network (West) No Yes Yes
43 FX (West) No Yes Yes
44 Turner Network Television (West) No Yes Yes
45 Lifetime Television (West) No Yes Yes
46 E! Entertainment Television (West) No Yes Yes
47 Comedy Central (West) No Yes Yes
48 Food Network (West) No Yes Yes
49 Home & Garden Television (West) No Yes Yes
50 A&E Network (West) No Yes Yes
51 History (West) No Yes Yes
52 Syfy (West) No Yes Yes
53 Freeform (West) No Yes Yes
54 The Disney Channel (West) No Yes Yes
55 Disney XD (West) No Yes Yes
56 Nickelodeon (West) No Yes Yes
57 Cartoon Network (West) No Yes Yes
58 Animal Planet (West) No Yes Yes
59 ReelzChannel No Yes Yes
60 TV Land (West) No Yes Yes
61 WGN America No Yes Yes
62 Black Entertainment Television (West) No Yes Yes
63 MTV (West) No Yes Yes
64 CMT (West) No Yes Yes
65 VH1 (West) No Yes Yes
66 Cable News Network No Yes Yes
67 HLN No Yes Yes
68 truTV (West) No Yes Yes
69 Consumer News & Business Channel No Yes Yes
70 msnbc No Yes Yes
71 Fox News Channel No Yes Yes
72 Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network 2 No Yes Yes
73 Turner Classic Movies No Yes Yes
74 Bravo (West) No Yes Yes
75 LMN (West) No Yes Yes
76 BBC America (West) No Yes Yes
77 The Oprah Winfrey Network (West) No Yes Yes
78 AMC (West) No Yes Yes
79 FX Movie Channel No Yes Yes
80 Travel Channel (West) No Yes Yes
81 Oxygen (West) No Yes Yes
82 National Geographic Channel (West) No Yes Yes
83 Jewelry Television No Yes Yes
84 Fox Business Network No Yes Yes
85 FXX (West) No Yes Yes
86 PAC-12 Washington No Yes Yes
87 PAC-12 Oregon No Yes Yes
88 Investigation Discovery No Yes Yes
89 CBS Sports Network No Yes Yes
90 TBD TV Yes Yes Yes
91 KCTS Create Yes Yes Yes
92 Telemundo Network (West) Yes Yes Yes
93 CBC Vancouver Yes Yes Yes
100 Classic Arts Showcase No Yes Yes
101 KING Justice Network Yes Yes Yes
102 KIRO GetTV Yes Yes Yes
103 KOMO Comet TV Yes Yes Yes
104 KZJO Antenna TV Yes Yes Yes
105 Charge TV Yes Yes Yes
106 KVOSDT MeTV Yes Yes Yes
107 KIRO Laff TV Yes Yes Yes
108 KCPQ This TV Yes Yes Yes
109 KCPQ Escape TV Yes Yes Yes
110 KSTW Decades Yes Yes Yes
111 KBTC NHK World Yes Yes Yes
120 Nick Jr. No No Yes
121 Discovery Family Channel SDTV No No Yes
122 TeenNick (East) No No Yes
123 Nicktoons Network (East) No No Yes
124 Disney Junior SD West No No Yes
125 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries West No No Yes
126 TV ONE No No Yes
127 Sprout No Available Yes
159 The Cooking Channel No No Yes
160 Do it Yourself Network (East) No No Yes
161 QVC Plus No No Yes
166 Esquire Network SD (West) No No Yes
168 KBYU Brigham Young University TV No No Yes
169 The Word Network No No Yes
170 Eternal Word Television Network No No Yes
174 NBC Universo (West) No No Yes
176 GSN (East) No No Yes
221 Science No No Yes
222 Destination America No No Yes
224 American Heroes Channel No No Yes
225 Military History Channel No No Yes
226 FYI No No Yes
227 VICELAND No No Yes
228 Discovery Life Channel No No Yes
230 China TV No No Yes
232 Chiller No No Yes
295 MTV Hits No No Yes
296 Centric No No Yes
297 MTV-U No No Yes
298 BET Soul No No Yes
299 Great American Country No No Yes
300 Tr3s (West) No No Yes
301 MTV2 (East) No No Yes
302 CMT Music No No Yes
303 MTV Classic (East) No No Yes
304 IFC (East) No No Yes
305 LOGO (West) No No Yes
306 Lifetime Real Women No No Yes
307 Women's Entertainment Network (East) No No Yes
308 Fusion No No Yes
309 Big Ten Network (National) No Available Yes
310 Fox Sports 2 No No Yes
311 PAC-12 Network No No Yes
312 STARZ ENCORE EspaƱol Available Available Yes
313 MoviePlex East Available Available Yes
314 STARZ ENCORE Family (East) Available Available Yes
315 STARZ ENCORE (West) Available Available Yes
316 STARZ ENCORE Classic (West) Available Available Yes
317 STARZ ENCORE Suspense (West) Available Available Yes
318 STARZ ENCORE Westerns (West) Available Available Yes
319 STARZ ENCORE Black (West) Available Available Yes
320 STARZ ENCORE Action (West) Available Available Yes
321 Starz (West) Available Available Available
322 Starz Edge (West) Available Available Available
323 STARZ Cinema (East) Available Available Available
324 Starz Kids & Family (East) Available Available Available
325 STARZ InBlack (East) Available Available Available
326 Starz Comedy (West) Available Available Available
335 HBO (West) Available Available Available
336 HBO 2 (West) Available Available Available
337 HBO Signature (West) Available Available Available
338 HBO Family (West) Available Available Available
339 HBO Comedy (East) Available Available Available
340 HBO Zone (East) Available Available Available
345 Cinemax (West) Available Available Available
346 More Max (West) Available Available Available
347 ActionMAX (West) Available Available Available
348 ThrillerMAX (East) Available Available Available
350 Showtime (West) Available Available Available
351 Showtime 2 (West) Available Available Available
352 Showtime Showcase (West) Available Available Available
353 Showtime Extreme (West) Available Available Available
354 Showtime Next (West) Available Available Available
355 Showtime Family (West) Available Available Available
356 Showtime Women (West) Available Available Available
357 Showtime Beyond (West) Available Available Available
360 Flix (West) Available Available Available
365 The Movie Channel (West) Available Available Available
366 The Movie Channel Xtra (West) Available Available Available
391 The Filipino Channel (West) Available Available Available
392 Saigon Broadcasting Television Network Available Available Available
393 TV Japan Available Available Available
394 Channel One Russia Available Available Available
400 ESPN Deportes No No Yes
401 ESPNU No No Yes
402 ESPN News No No Yes
403 ESPN Classic No No Yes
404 Fox College Sports Pacific No No Yes
405 Fox College Sports Central No No Yes
406 Fox College Sports Atlantic No No Yes
409 Outdoor Channel No No Yes
410 MLB Network No No Yes
411 SEC Network No No Yes
422 The NFL Network No No Yes
424 Fox College Sports Pacific No Available Available
425 Fox College Sports Central No Available Available
426 Fox College Sports Atlantic No Available Available
431 The Sportsman Channel No Available Available
432 Outdoor Channel No Available Available
433 Horse Racing No Available Available
434 KING Justice Network No Available Available
435 NFL RedZone No Available Available
439 GSN (West) No Available Available
441 Boomerang No Available Available
443 NASA Television No Available Available
445 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries West No Available Available
446 RetroPlex Available Available Available
447 IndiePlex Available Available Available
448 KOMO Comet TV No Available Available
450 Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network 3 No Available Available
453 Three Angels Broadcasting Network No Available Available
459 MLB Network No Available Available
503 KBTC HDTV Yes Yes Yes
504 KOMO HDTV Yes Yes Yes
505 KING HDTV Yes Yes Yes
506 KONG HDTV Yes Yes Yes
507 KIRO HDTV Yes Yes Yes
508 KWPX HDTV Yes Yes Yes
509 KCTS HDTV Yes Yes Yes
510 KZJO JOEtv HDTV Yes Yes Yes
511 KSTW HDTV Yes Yes Yes
512 TV Tacoma HDTV Yes Yes Yes
513 KCPQ HDTV Yes Yes Yes
514 Quality Value Convenience Network HDTV Yes Yes Yes
515 NHK World HDTV (English) Yes Yes Yes
519 KUNS HDTV Univision 51 Yes Yes Yes
520 Shorts HD Available Available Available
521 HDNet Movies Available Available Available
522 Pierce County TV Ch 22 Yes Yes Yes
523 Velocity HDTV Available Available Available
524 Universal HDTV Available Available Available
525 Outside Television HDTV (National) Available Available Available
526 PixL HDTV Available Available Available
528 The Weather Channel HDTV No Yes Yes
529 The Discovery Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
530 Hallmark Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
531 The Learning Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
532 TBS Superstation HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
534 Home Shopping Network HDTV No Yes Yes
535 ESPN HDTV No Yes Yes
536 ESPN2 HDTV No Yes Yes
537 Root Sports Northwest 24/7 HDTV No Yes Yes
538 Fox Sports 1 HDTV No Yes Yes
539 Spike TV HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
540 NBC Sports Network HDTV No Yes Yes
541 The Golf Channel HDTV No Yes Yes
542 USA Network HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
543 FX HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
544 Turner Network Television HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
545 Lifetime Television HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
546 E! Entertainment Television HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
547 Comedy Central HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
548 Food Network HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
549 Home & Garden Television HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
550 A&E Network HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
551 History HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
552 Syfy HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
553 Freeform HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
554 The Disney Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
555 Disney XD HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
556 Nickelodeon HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
557 Cartoon Network HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
558 Animal Planet HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
559 ReelzChannel HDTV No Yes Yes
561 WGN America HDTV No Yes Yes
562 Black Entertainment Television HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
563 MTV HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
564 CMT HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
565 VH1 HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
566 Cable News Network HDTV No Yes Yes
567 HLN HDTV No Yes Yes
568 truTV HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
569 Consumer News & Business Channel HDTV No Yes Yes
570 msnbc HDTV No Yes Yes
571 Fox News Channel HDTV No Yes Yes
573 Turner Classic Movies HDTV No Yes Yes
574 Bravo HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
575 LMN HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
576 BBC America HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
577 The Oprah Winfrey Network HDTV (East) No Yes Yes
578 AMC HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
580 Travel Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
581 Oxygen HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
582 National Geographic Channel HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
583 Jewelry Television HDTV No Yes Yes
584 Fox Business Network HDTV No Yes Yes
585 FXX HDTV (West) No Yes Yes
586 Pac-12 Washington HDTV No Yes Yes
587 Pac-12 Oregon HDTV No Yes Yes
588 Investigation Discovery HD (West) No Yes Yes
589 CBS Sports Network HDTV No Yes Yes
601 Discovery Family Channel HDTV No No Yes
608 QVC Plus HD No No Yes
609 AXSTV No No Yes
612 Esquire Network HDTV (West) No No Yes
618 GSN HDTV (West) No No Yes
621 Science HDTV No No Yes
622 Destination America HDTV No No Yes
624 American Heroes Channel HDTV No No Yes
626 FYI HDTV No No Yes
638 IFC HDTV (East) No No Yes
642 Fusion HDTV No No Yes
644 Fox Sports 2 HDTV No No Yes
645 Pac-12 Network HDTV No No Yes
647 MoviePlex HDTV East Available Available Yes
651 STARZ ENCORE HD (West) Available Available Yes
652 STARZ ENCORE Classic HD (East) Available Available Yes
653 STARZ ENCORE Suspense HD (East) Available Available Yes
655 STARZ ENCORE Black HD (East) Available Available Yes
656 STARZ ENCORE Action HD (East) Available Available Yes
657 ESPN Deportes HDTV No No Yes
658 ESPNU HDTV No No Yes
659 ESPN News HDTV No No Yes
661 Outdoor Channel HDTV No No Yes
662 MLB Network HDTV No No Yes
663 SEC Network HDTV No No Yes
665 The NFL Network HDTV No No Yes
671 Big Ten Network HDTV (National) No Available Yes
674 Outdoor Channel HDTV No Available Available
677 NFL RedZone HDTV No Available Available
680 GSN HDTV (West) No Available Available
681 Sprout HDTV No Available Yes
686 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HDTV (West) No Available Yes
687 RetroPlex HDTV Available Available Available
688 IndiePlex HDTV Available Available Available
700 Video On Demand No No Yes
701 MLB Network HDTV No Available Available
721 STARZ HD (West) Available Available Available
722 STARZ Edge HD (East) Available Available Available
723 STARZ Cinema HD (East) Available Available Available
724 STARZ Kids & Family HD (East) Available Available Available
725 STARZ InBlack HD (East) Available Available Available
726 STARZ Comedy HD (East) Available Available Available
735 HBO HDTV (West) Available Available Available
750 Showtime HDTV (West) Available Available Available
751 Showtime 2 HDTV (West) Available Available Available
752 Showtime Showcase HDTV (West) Available Available Available
753 Showtime Extreme HDTV (West) Available Available Available
754 Showtime Next West HDTV (West) Available Available Available
756 Showtime Women HDTV (West) Available Available Available
757 Showtime Beyond HDTV (West) Available Available Available
765 The Movie Channel HDTV (West) Available Available Available
766 The Movie Channel Xtra HDTV (West) Available Available Available
890 Music Choice Play SD No No Yes
891 Music Choice Hit List No No Yes
892 Music Choice Max No No Yes
893 Music Choice Dance/EDM No No Yes
894 Music Choice Indie No No Yes
895 Music Choice Hip-Hop and R&B No No Yes
896 Music Choice Rap No No Yes
897 Music Choice Hip-Hop Classics No No Yes
898 Music Choice Throwback Jamz No No Yes
899 Music Choice R&B Classics No No Yes
900 Music Choice R&B Soul No No Yes
901 Music Choice Gospel No No Yes
902 Music Choice Reggae No No Yes
903 Music Choice Rock No No Yes
904 Music Choice Metal No No Yes
905 Music Choice Alternative No No Yes
906 Music Choice Adult Alternative No No Yes
907 Music Choice Rock Hits No No Yes
908 Music Choice Classic Rock No No Yes
909 Music Choice Soft Rock No No Yes
910 Music Choice Love Songs No No Yes
911 Music Choice Pop Hits No No Yes
912 Music Choice Party Favorites No No Yes
913 Music Choice Teen Beats No No Yes
914 Music Choice Kidz Only No No Yes
915 Music Choice Toddler Tunes No No Yes
916 Music Choice Y2K No No Yes
917 Music Choice 90's No No Yes
918 Music Choice 80's No No Yes
919 Music Choice 70's No No Yes
920 Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies No No Yes
921 Music Choice Pop & Country No No Yes
922 Music Choice Today's Country No No Yes
923 Music Choice Country Hits No No Yes
924 Music Choice Classic Country No No Yes
925 Music Choice Contemporary Christian No No Yes
926 Music Choice Pop Latino No No Yes
927 Music Choice Musica Urbana No No Yes
928 Music Choice Mexicana No No Yes
929 Music Choice Tropicales No No Yes
930 Music Choice Romances No No Yes
931 Music Choice Sounds of The Seasons No No Yes
932 Music Choice Stage & Screen No No Yes
933 Music Choice Soundscapes No No Yes
934 Music Choice Smooth Jazz No No Yes
935 Music Choice Jazz No No Yes
936 Music Choice Blues No No Yes
937 Music Choice Singers & Swing No No Yes
938 Music Choice Classical Masterpieces No No Yes
939 Music Choice Easy Listening No No Yes
940 Music Choice Light Classical No No Yes
949 88.5 National Public Radio No No Yes
950 94.9 National Public Radio No No Yes
951 98.9 KRVQ-FM - Seattle's Rock No No Yes
952 105.3 Christian No No Yes
953 100.7 KKWF-FM No No Yes
954 101.5 Adult Contemporary No No Yes
955 95.7 Classic Rock No No Yes
956 96.1 Soft Rock No No Yes
957 97.3 KIRO News Talk FM No No Yes
958 106.9 Adult Contemporary No No Yes
959 93.3 R&B Rhythm Hits No No Yes
960 90.9 KVTI-FM No No Yes
961 98.1 Classical No No Yes
962 90.1 University of Puget Sound FM Radio No No Yes