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Standard TV + Fast Internet Learn More
25/2 Mbps Speed Range
  • TV Everywhere
  • Stream movies on multiple devices
  • High definition video calls
  • No receiver needed for digital or HDTV
Starting at: $95.86/mo Pricing Details
  • Popular news, sports and lifestyle channels
  • Add receiver for On Demand, Pay-per-view and digital music
  • Internet supports 2 - 3 users
Broadcast + Free HD + Turbo Internet Learn More
50/5 Mbps Speed Range
  • Free HD receiver
  • TV Everywhere
  • Video On Demand
  • "Smart Home" technology
  • Internet supports 3-4 users
Starting at: $59.99/mo Pricing Details
  • Access new release movies
  • Access to Pay-per-view
  • Digital music
  • Multiple devices
  • Online gaming
Broadcast TV + TiVo + 25 Mbps Learn More
25/2 Mbps Speed Range
  • Voice remote
  • Record 6 shows
  • Stream recorded content to mobile
  • Watch Netflix, Hulu & YouTube
  • Online gaming
Starting at: $64.98/mo Pricing Details
  • Store 1000 hours
  • TiVo $8 per additional room
  • Primetime TV
  • Internet supports 2 - 3 users
  • Live sports
Broadcast TV + Fast Internet Learn More
25/2 Mbps Speed Range
  • Primetime TV
  • Live sports
  • Internet supports 2-3 users
  • Multiple devices
  • Online gaming
Starting at: $49.99/mo Pricing Details
  • Add receiver for access to On Demand and digital music
  • Plus access to new release movies and PPV