Open Internet Policy

The City of Tacoma, Department of Public Utilities, Light Division, dba Click! Network has adopted the following "Open Internet Policy" and maintains a system on which the Internet is offered to customers (through an authorized and trusted third party) as an open platform providing customer choice with full access to all lawful content, services, sites, platforms, types of equipment and applications. End-users on Click! Network have the control and freedom to innovate without permission.

Click! Network does not unreasonably discriminate in the transmission of lawful network content over a customer's broadband Internet access service, subject to reasonable network management. Reasonable network management practices are set forth below.

Click! Network does not:

  • Discriminate among specific uses, or class of uses, on its network
  • Impair, degrade or delay VoIP applications or services that compete with its video services or services of its affiliates
  • Impair, degrade, delay or otherwise inhibit access by customers to lawful content, applications, services or non-harmful devices
  • Impair free expression by slowing traffic from certain web sites
  • Demand pay-for-priority or similar arrangements that directly or indirectly favor certain traffic over other traffic
  • Prioritize its own applications, services or devices or those of its affiliates
  • Block lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices, subject to reasonable network management as defined below and in its Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Click! Network manages its network in an effort to provide an optimum experience for its customers by using industry standard tools and generally accepted best practices and policies to protect its network and customer information. Click! Network cannot guarantee the prevention of spam, viruses, security attacks, and other actions which can affect service. To prevent such events, Click! Network monitors its network and will take active measures to minimize the effects of spam, viruses, security attacks, and other actions which could impact an optimum experience for customers.

Other terms and conditions for use are found in Click! Network's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Click! Network provides wholesale services of which re-sellers offer the retail experience to end use customers. Pricing and other terms and conditions for services can be found at:

View the Click! Network privacy policy.

Click! Network protects sensitive information transmitted online and also protects information offline. Only employees and pre-authorized agents of Click! Network with a need to know have access to the information to perform specific job functions. Computers and servers which store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.

If a customer has complaints about any Click! Network service, they are encouraged to contact Click! Network's Customer Service Department at 253-502-8900 or visit the Click! Network lobby at Tacoma Public Utilities main office at 3628 South 35th Street, Tacoma, WA 98409-3192. A customer always has the right to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at