Cable TV

Click! Cable TV offers a variety of options.

Prices for Tacoma Business

Click here to download the business channel lineup and prices.
Click here for Fircrest, Lakewood, University Place, Fife and Pierce County business prices.

For more information, contact our Sales Coordinator at 253-502-8442 or fill out this form.


per month*

Package Includes:

Channels 1-27, 90-93
Local channels
30 SD channels
13 HD channels
No receiver or cable box required
with digital TV or HDTV


per month*

Package Includes:

Channels 1-93, 100
Local channels
92 channels
70+ HD channels
Add a digital receiver for access
 to the 
interactive guide

Click! ON Business

per month*

Package Includes:

Channels 1-410, 422
Local channels
152 channels
90+ HD channels
Interactive guide
Digital receiver 

Sports & Family

per month*

Package Includes:

Channels 423-459
28 SD channels
10+ HD channels
MLB Network
Interactive Guide

Special packages are available for owners of hotels and motels interested in premium movie channels such as HBO and Showtime in guest rooms.
For more information, contact the Business Accounts Manager at 253-502-8900.

*Taxes and fees not included. The cost of the digital receiver is not included with all service levels. Business will be pre-surveyed for installation cost estimates. Special Pay-Per-View events are available at additional costs. Root Sports, Big Ten Network and Click! Music Advantage are available for an additional fee.