Cable TV

TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere online content can be accessed in multiple ways, depending on the particular network. You have access to full episodes of available shows, movies and live streams included in YOUR cable package. 

Register here for TV Everywhere 

This is different from your Click! billing account.

You only register one time. Input your Click! 6-digit account number without dashes, your billing zip code and use an email address to retrieve your password if you ever forget. Create a username and password you will use to login as shown below.

How to access TV Everywhere:

  1. - Log in for access to all "Featured TV Networks." The icons link to live streaming or to the network's TV Everywhere site. 
  2. Network Websites - Log in directly at one of our Featured TV Networks.
  3. Mobile Viewing - Download the network’s app on your tablet and smartphone.

How to log in:

Step 1
Go to our "Featured TV Networks" at

Step 2
Click! on a network you would like to watch such as Comedy Central.

Step 3
Each network has a different way of displaying content.
  • You may be taken to the network's "Go" site. Find the “Sign In” or "Watch Now" button located at the top. 
  • You may be taken directly to our "Log In" window (Step 5.)
Step 4
A provider menu will appear. Choose “Click! Cable TV” from the list, usually under "Other Providers" etc. Click on the "Login Now" button.

Step 5
At the Log In window, the Click! logo will be shown. Enter the new username and password you created (this is different from your Click! billing account.) You will only be able to access content that correlates to your cable package. You will stay logged in for about 90 days. Click "Submit" and be taken to your content. 
2. Network Websites
Go directly to a network's website, such as, find the “Sign In” or "Watch TV" button, usually located at the top right. You may be asked to choose your provider and log in as shown in Step 4 and Step 5 above. 

3. Mobile Viewing
You can also access certain networks by downloading their free apps via Apple iOS or Android on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Note that not all programmers have apps for all devices. You may be asked to choose your provider and log in as shown in Step 4 and Step 5 above.