Sports & Family Business

Sports and Family is $8.50 per month*

Sports and Family Package* (600's, 701 in HD)
Ch. Description Ch. Description
424 Fox College Sports-Pac 443 NASA
425 Fox College Sports-Cen 444 Create (KCTS2)
426 Fox College Sports-Atl 445/686 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
427/671 Big Ten Network** 448 THIS Seattle
431 Sportsman Channel 450 C-SPAN3
432/674 Outdoor Channel 451 CNBC World
433 HRTV 452 UP
434 Live Well Network 453 3ABN
437 Al Jazeera America 454 MHz Worldview (KBTC2)
438/679 Jewelry TV 455 Pivot
439/680 Game Show Network 456 Youtoo TV
440/681 PBS Kids Sprout 457 Antenna TV
441 Boomerang 458 Get TV
442 NASA 459/701 MLB Network***

*Does not include taxes or fees. Digital receiver or digital TV required. Available with Standard package and above only. **Big Ten Network available for an additional fee. ***MLB Network subject to blackouts.

The cost of the digital receiver is not included with all service levels. Business will be pre-surveyed for installation cost estimates. Special Pay-Per-View events are available at additional costs.

For more information contact the Business Accounts Manager at 253-502-8900.