Cable TV

Outside Tacoma

Fircrest, Lakewood, University Place, Fife, and Pierce County*

Call 253-441-4422 to learn more.

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per month

Package Includes:

31 SD channels
13 HD channels
No receiver or cable box required with digital TV


per month

Package Includes:

93 SD channels
70 HD channels
TV Everywhere
Add a digital receiver
for access to:
Video On Demand
Interactive guide
Digital music

Click! ON

per month

Package Includes:

159 SD channels
97 HD channels
TV Everywhere
Video On Demand
Interactive guide
Digital music
Video On Demand
Digital receiver

Sports & Family

per month**

Package Includes:

30 SD channels
11 HD channels
MLB Network
NFL Red Zone
Al Jazeera America
Digital music
Interactive guide
Video On Demand

 Must have Standard package or above. Digital receiver required.

Premium packages

Price varies
per package, per month

Package Includes:

Click! ON Digital
Plus Showtime, Starz, Cinemax or HBO

Pick one: $95.99-$98.99 
Pick two: $109.99-$112.99
Pick three: $122.99-$125.99
Pick all four: $138.99
(2 receivers and 2 remotes)

Equipment fees

Price varies
per month

Receiver options:

DTA converter......$1.00
Digital receiver.....$5.00
HD receiver...........$7.00
HD/DVR receiver...$13.00
MultiRoom DVR
..........2 rooms for $24.99
..........3 rooms for $34.99

HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax Premium Channels A La Carte* Channel line-up

Showtime & TMC $17.99
Starz and Encore $17.99
HBO $19.99
Cinemax $15.99

International channels* Channel line-up

TV Korea $13.95
The Filipino Channel $11.99
Saigon Broadcasting Network $14.99
TV Japan $25.00
C1R - Russia $15.00
Other fees
Hourly service $40.00 Unreturned remote control $10.00
Installation per outlet $20-$40  Unreturned cable card $75.00
Connect new wiring $40.00 Unreturned DTA  $80.00 
Reconnect existing wiring $40.00 Unreturned receiver  $250.00 
Late payment charge    $6.99 Unreturned HDTV receiver  $400.00 
Credit card misuse fee  $20.00  Unreturned DVR receiver  $400.00 
Administrative fee  $10.00 Unreturned MultiRoom DVR  $1050+/-
Returned item fee  $20.00  Receiver reactivation fee $1.99

Download rate sheet

*Prices are per month and do not include taxes or fees. Prepayment for the first month of cable services and installation charges is required prior to installation. The first month’s bill is prorated, slightly more or less, depending on your assigned bill cycle. Must have HDTV and HD receiver for HD channels.