Can I use Click! as my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

No. Click! only provides the transport services to ISPs. Click! is all about choice. By allowing customers to choose the ISP, Click! is able to support businesses that can provide a number of different products and packages to customers. Tacoma was the first city in the United States to have a choice in cable modem ISPs.

How fast will Internet service be?

There are several service levels with download speeds ranging from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps. With MEGABurst,* the ability to speed burst for the first 10 MB of a file is included in 12 Mbps packages and above; download the first 10MB of a file at 20 Mbps- 115 Mbps depending on package selection.  

*MEGABurst; requires a DOCSIS 3.0 or higher CableLabs certified modem. Routers may affect performance depending on model and type.

How do I test my speed on Click! Network to the Internet?

If you are a Click! ISP cable modem customer click here.

Do I have to be a Click! Cable TV or business customer to get this service?

No, the ISPs will not require you to subscribe to Click! Cable TV.

How much will the service cost me on a monthly basis?

Each ISP determines their own retail pricing. Prices range from $29.95 - $189.95 per month, depending on package level.

How does Click! Network-based Internet access compare to the competition?

Click! Network has designed the network for ISPs to operate at a variety of speeds. Most competitor product speeds vary and the service speeds are not guaranteed. The big advantage ISPs have using Click! Network is reliability. Click! Network was built from the ground up and was constructed to be the most reliable network available.

If I plan to get Click! Cable TV installed at my home, how much will the installation cost for a data outlet?

When Click! is installing cable services in your home, we will install an additional outlet at the same time (for use as a data outlet) for an additional charge. Otherwise, the ISP will arrange the data outlet installation with Click! and the ISP will charge you accordingly. ISPs may offer special pricing during promotional events.

How many data outlets can I have installed in my home? In my business?

Each ISP determines the number of outlets based on the customer needs. Generally, residential homes are limited to one data outlet. If you need more than two or three data outlets in your business, you should consider other Click! Business Advantage products. For information on our Business Advantage products, call 502-8900 and ask for the Business Accounts Manager.

I have AOL (or other Internet service). Can I keep it and still have the high-speed cable modem service?

You will need to check with your ISP about this, but in most cases you probably can. You will no longer access AOL or your Internet service on a dial-up modem. You will go directly to the Web site on your cable modem connection to the Internet. If you wish to maintain your subscription to AOL (or other Internet service), you may need to continue to pay its subscription fee as well as your cable modem fee. Again, it's best to check with your ISP.

Can I host or develop a Web site off of the residential or business cable modem service?

ISPs may offer Web hosting service. Click! Network does not provide hosting as part of the service to the ISPs.

Which Web browsers will this cable modem service support?

Each ISP determines what Web browsers it supports.

Will I have to buy a cable modem, or can I rent one?

Each ISP determines the options and packages for its customers.

What cable modems can be used for high-speed Internet service over Click! Network?

See the current list of approved modems here.

Can I watch Click! Cable TV and use my cable modem service at the same time?

Yes. With cable modem service you can watch television while on the computer.

Will my cable bill reflect charges for my cable modem service?

No. Your ISP will bill you directly for cable modem service.

Who do I call if there is a problem with my Internet service?

Please call your Internet Service Provider, they are your first point of contact for any Internet related issues.