Cable TV


125+ HD channels, plus HD On Demand and HD new release movies.

With HDTV, your picture will be five times sharper than on regular TVs. In addition to a clearer picture, HD channels can be broadcast in surround sound with Dolby Digital 5.1.*

Description Price
HD receiver $7.00
HD/DVR receiver $13.00
MultiRoom DVR 2 room $24.99
MultiRoom DVR 3 Room $34.99

HDTV Premium Package: HD Net Movies, Velocity, Universal HD, Shorts HD, Outside Television, PixL $9.00

*Prices are per month and do not include taxes or fees. Customers must subscribe to the cable TV package that contains the standard definition version of that channel in order to receive HD programming. The HD/DVR and Multiroom DVR combines a dual tuner recorder (record 2 or more shows at once!) with an HD receiver so you can watch and record in HD. Prices are per month.