Cable Advertising

Cable Delivers the Winning Edge to Advertising

Did you know that cable subscribers spend almost three hours and fifty minutes each day viewing ad-supported cable programming? When you advertising on Click! Cable TV, you can capture the attention of your customers on everything from high-profile sports to news, music, and home improvement.

Target Geographic Areas

Reach potential customers right where they live—in your area and close to your business. Click! Cable TV is offered in Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, areas of Lakewood, Fife, and parts of Pierce County. Advertise cost-efficiently in your own backyard!

Target Demographic Groups

With the selectivity of cable programming you can tailor the most favorable audience environment for your advertising message. Click! Cable TV offers unparalleled programming choices for both general and special interest audiences, including news, sports, information, home, drama, comedy, movies, music, entertainment, and food. Plus, you’ll save money by reaching only those you want to reach or use multiple channels to target a broad base of customers.

Target Customers Who Want to Spend Money

Research shows that cable households tend to have higher incomes, own their own homes and are more active consumers. They’re also are much more likely than non-cable households to acquire new communications and entertainment technologies, including online services, personal computers, software, cellular phones, and large-screen televisions.

For a list of channels your business can advertise on, click here.

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So what are you waiting for? Click! Cable TV has partnered with Comcast Spotlight to meet your business’ advertising needs. To learn more about advertising over Click! Cable TV, contact:

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