Automated Phone Services

24/7 Quick and Easy Bill Pay!

Dial 253-502-8900 and press 2

NEW! Automated phone services. Your payment by debit or credit card is posted immediately.

To use this service, you need the phone number on the account and a PIN, which is most likely the last 4 digits of the account holder's social security number. 

2 Pay balance by credit card Pay your last bill of__

Enter 10 digit phone number   Pay total balance due of__
  Enter 4 digit PIN code Pay another amount
    # Return to previous menu
    * End this call

3 Hear detail balance information   Last bill amount was__

Enter 10 digit phone number    As of today__
  Enter 4 digit PIN code 2 To pay by credit card
    3 Hear detailed balance 
    4 Refresh addressable equipment
    End this call
4 Refresh addressable equipment    

Enter 10 digit phone number     
  Enter 4 digit PIN code   Equipment has been refreshed 
* End this call